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At C-Ways we are at the forefront of intelligent IP CCTV and networked solutions. The solutions that we provide help our customers achieve ‘real’ business performance benefits and empower them with reliability, scalability and future proof design that enables powerful growth. We offer end to end solutions for IP CCTV including cameras, codecs, monitoring and storage.

Working closely with the market leaders of IP CCTV, C-Ways are able to design and install value add solutions. Our team of highly trained and motivated technical consultant design and install IP CCTV solutions to the highest specifications.

As a Value Added Genetec Distributor, C-Ways implement installations ranging from complex surveillance networks, intelligent analytical operations, through to automatic number plate recognition solutions.

IP Access Control

C-Ways has years of experience delivering innovative, reliable and cost effective integrated access control solutions for customers across the UK.

Our services range from stand alone, entry level solutions right through to sophisticated multi-application management systems. This includes a wide selection of controllers, readers, software systems and accessories.

Working closely with our customers, we deliver innovative solutions deigned to meet their specific requirements and which have a positive impact on their business – both in terms of increased security and operational efficiency – allowing them to face their actual needs and future challenges.

User Database

Providing employees with the right access to business-critical information should be managed by the business and not IT. The solutions we provide utilise complete and integrated, next-generation identity management platforms that provides breakthrough scalability. This enables our clients to achieve rapid compliance with regulatory mandates; secures sensitive applications and data regardless of whether they are hosted on-premise or in a cloud; and reduces operational costs.

Smart Card & Fobs

At C-Ways we work closely with accredited partners, allowing us to deliver complete solutions  of secure smart card ID’s and credentials in a variety of form factors for physical and logical access control as well as converged solutions for building and computer access, transit payment, cashless vending, biometrics and other applications.

Our solutions provide the industry’s broadest range of smart card-based credentials such as cards, tags and key-fobs.


Servers & Blade Centre

Servers form an essential component in building a resilient IT platform that can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. Drawing on an expanding, world-class portfolio, we incorporate server-based products into integrated solutions to address critical business issues.

Data Storage

C-Ways design and install storage solutions designed to meet the capacity, performance and availability requirements of all your business applications whether those applications sit inside virtualized or non-virtualized environments. Everything from Solid State Disks down to Slow Dense SAS or SATA Disk-based storage frames or a combination of both.

UPS Systems

Our expertise and experience ensures we supply our clients with the latest in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology. By maintaining our independence, it allows us to offer an unbiased UPS solution that is tailored to your specific needs, every single time.


Cooling Systems

C-Ways makes possible the efficient, reliable and cost effective management of heat in your mission critical facility through unparalleled expertise and the industry’s most advanced service, software, and equipment technology. Achieve industry leading efficiency levels , availability approaching 100%, and up to 50% lower capital and operating costs.

Environment Monitoring

No one knows when or how disaster will strike. We just know the potential is always there, so preparation is crucial to minimizing its impact. C-Ways has extensive experience in providing systems that monitor critical environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, liquid water presence, power, intrusion, and smoke.

Physical Security

The explosive growth of HD surveillance, video traffic, analytics engines, and more are placing higher demands on legacy networks – just as Physical Security becomes more mission critical than ever. C-Ways improves physical security by increasing reliability,  lowering deployment time and cost, and scaling to meet changing requirements over time.


Data Replication

Our data replication solutions help minimize your exposure to data loss from a disaster and quickly restore applications upon recovery. Utilizing the latest vendor technologies, the solutions we design and install protect multiple host operating systems across heterogeneous storage platforms as you reduce total cost of ownership. Deploy a uniform, scalable, consistent approach to meeting service-level requirements for recovery time and data loss.

We provide world-class, cost effective continuous data replication enabling rapid recovery of critical applications at remote recovery sites across any distance using IP networks. Our solutions are designed to support all major operating systems and storage technologies giving organizations an extremely flexible alternative to traditional array-based replication architectures.

Data Backup

In today’s dynamic IT environment, small businesses are growing increasingly more dependent on constant access to data. Having a reliable backup and recovery solution that works across physical, virtual and cloud platforms has never been so important.

Whether you have a few or many servers or workstations, or are looking to migrate physical machines to virtual, you need a backup and recovery solution that is easy to install, use and manage; and fast to recover data.

C-Ways provides solutions to meet your business applications RPO and RTO requirements to ensure when data corruption, data loss or other malfeasants’ may occur that a speedy recovery of your data is not something you need to worry about; it would just happen seamlessly.


Disaster Recovery

C-Ways offers business continuity solutions designed to prevent data loss and keep business critical applications available after server failures and serious disasters.

Disaster recovery is a key component of any business continuity plan. In the event of a fire, a flood or some other unforeseen event, you’ll need to know that you can still access up to date information as soon as possible, and C-Ways helps clients to plan comprehensively for such possibilities.

We combine real-time data replication and managed application delivery to mitigate the risk of data loss during a disaster to our customers. C-Ways offer continuity solutions that allow businesses to be flexible enough to adapt to any IT based disaster, from single server failure to entire loss of premises.

Business Continuity Systems

At C-Ways we design, install and manage business continuity solutions which ensure that your applications and data are available during planned and unplanned outages.

These solutions provide tiered storage platforms, software, and services that ensure high availability and robust data protection—and fit your budgetary and technology constraints. We work closely with out clients to ensuring our clients survive disasters and continue their business operations.

Our solutions are specifically designed for today’s heterogeneous IT environments. They’re platform-independent, provide support for all major applications and databases, and can help you significantly reduce downtime during an outage. When bad things happen, C-Ways keeps your business running.

Copper & Fibre Infrastructure

We are experienced cabling specialists who provide bespoke IT infrastructure and networking solutions for organisations of all sizes, all over the UK. We have gained a reputation in offering cost effective copper and fibre cabling solutions without compromising in quality.

Our network cabling installation specialists supply and install data network services consisting of Cat5 Cat6, Cat7 and fibre optic cabling to clients in the public and private sectors.

Resilient Networks

Mission critical infrastructure networks need resilience. They provide fresh drinking water to our homes and workplaces, 24/7 electricity, waste water systems, regular and reliable rail services, traffic control, global marine transportation of goods and more.

We deliver resilience through leading software and hardware platforms. As an accredited Avaya specialist we provide highly reliable switches running resilient network protocols that dramatically reduce the risk of network failure.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is all about having the correct amount of capacity optimized for your IT environment.

C-Ways provides capacity planning solutions to ensure that our clients are never impacted by capacity issues and that IT is allocating capacity properly.

C-Ways can help you to plan, manage, and report on IT capacity across all your servers, applications, and networks.


With the number of applications in your portfolio growing every day, you can’t afford to add a new server and storage system for each new workload. Server consolidation and storage consolidation with virtualization can help you optimize your IT resources. With virtualization, you can reduce the number of servers, storage, desktop, and network devices to reduce complexity and make IT management simpler. You can also reduce electricity used to power and cool these systems and save on floor space in your data center.  C-Ways are a VMware Enterprise Partner, our accredited technical experts design and deliver successful and future proof solutions to clients across the public and private sectors.


At C-Ways we provide desktop virtualization solutions that are optimized for your preferred IT environment and designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Our VDI solutions enable new user capabilities such as high-performance 3D graphics, unified collaboration and VoIP with Microsoft Lync 2013. Users can access rich media and graphic applications from any location and on virtually any device, while providing IT departments with the ability to centrally host and manage sensitive user data and resources.



We understand that IT professionals and end-users alike face challenges in today’s flexible work environment. End-users speak many languages, are geographically dispersed, use multiple devices and may not be connected to corporate networks at all times. IT must meet the needs of these users, and provide access to their business critical applications that are fast, flexible and reliable. Application virtualization can help with these challenges and enable businesses to be more flexible and responsive to these changing needs.


At C-Ways we understand that you need your business priorities to drive your IT infrastructure, accelerating delivery of high-value projects to meet the demands of customers. You need your users to be able to self-provision IT resources as appropriate. You need to provide world-class computing power where and when it’s needed. Optimized cloud delivery solutions put business users in control to dynamically drive resource delivery. This can help assure that resources are delivered in the most timely and efficient manner.

IP Telephony

Our portfolio of telephony and converged IP telephony solutions deliver seamless, scalable real-time business communications with unprecedented flexibility in telephony applications deployment to meet our customer’s environment, expectations, timetable and budget.

C-Ways are a leading provider of VoIP Systems, specialising in the market leading Avaya voice systems. Our IP Telephony solutions address the needs of the modern business through enhanced interactivity and functionality.
Now that IP networks offer the robustness and quality of service that voice service requires, enterprises have been quick to take advantage.

Converging voice and data over IP, or IP Telephony, maximizes network efficiency, streamlines the architecture, reduces capital and operating costs, and opens up new service opportunities. IP Telephony enables rich, new multimedia services, such as Web enabled multimedia contact centres, unified communications, presence and remote PC-based call management.

IP Telephony has ushered in the era of anywhere any time connectivity, with advanced services that make it more natural, convenient and productive than ever to communicate with colleagues and customers anywhere in the world – at a lower cost than ever before.

Video Conferencing

We design trailered video conferencing solutions to fit exacting customer requirements whether it be software clients, desktop systems, room systems or immersive rooms. Our portfolio includes supply of both Polycom, Avaya and Cisco endpoints as well as the ability to integrate existing customer equipment. As well as this we provide a fully managed service wrap wto ensure a consistent high level of support

From small and medium sized businesses to the largest enterprises, high definition video conferencing will bring people together simply and conveniently for more effective collaboration and greater connection to the information they need to succeed. The result? More streamlined operations and improved productivity for every member of your company—down the hall or across the country.

Our clients have the same video conferencing benefits already enjoyed by global business leaders, at a price they can afford and with the ease of use they demand. Whether you’re providing corporate information and training to a distributed or mobile workforce or following the latest green initiatives and recycling requirements, C-Ways has the answer. For small to medium-sized businesses with limited IT resources, our solutions can be put to work without straining the corporate budget.


We understand

working at the core of your business

Businesses are constantly challenged by the task of managing the demands of business growth while coping with continuous technology challenges and we realise that your business has specific needs and that any IT solution must fit seamlessly into your existing business and procedures; we identify problems and look at the best practice solutions to fit into your business. 
At C-Ways we advise on IT strategies and policies, as well as helping you to manage your IT more effectively. We have particular experience of IT audits and reviews, carried out by our experienced technical analysts, with a view to improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of your IT investments, helping you realise the productivity gains and ROI you’ve been expecting from your IT systems. 


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